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Origin : Dow Chemical / Rebrand to Walocel 228 S , Same as previous factory and  don't change Specification.

Packing : 20 kgs/ bag



Walocel 228 or METHOCEL™ 228 is a hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) designed for use in tape joint compounds, crack fillers and similar construction materials. A cold water dispersible cellulose ether, Walocel 228 is a low viscosity thickener with slightly delayed solubility. It imparts good workability and excellent crack resistance, and reduces lump formation. It also enhances water retention.

Typical applications

  • tape joint compounds
  • crack fillers

Performance advantages

good workability

excellent crack resistance

reduced lump formation

high water retention


These properties are typical, but they do not constitute specifications.

White to slightly off-white powder
Ubbelohde viscosity, 2% in water at 20°C, mPa•s
Moisture content, %
< 5.0
Particle size, < 70 U.S. Standard Sieve, 212 μm,%
> 97