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Origin : Dow Chemical / Olin Corp.

Packing : 333 kgs/ drum


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Official Shipping Name:Tetrachloroethylene

UN Number:1897CAS Number:127-18-4

Synonyms:PCE, Perc, Ethylene tetrachloride

Description:Colorless, nonflammable liquid with a distinctive, somewhat ether-like odor.

Molecular Weight:165.8

Density:13.47 lb/gal
1.619 gm/cc

Flash Point:NA

Applications : Dry Cleaning, Metal Cleaning/ Degreasing

Perchloroethylene is also an important solvent because of its stability and non-flammability. It is the primary solvent used in commercial and industrial dry cleaning because it is safe to use on common textiles, fibres and dyes, and is effective at removing fats, oils and greases. The textile industry also uses it as a spotting agent, wool scourer, dye carrier, and for sizing and finishing of cloth.

Many industries, including aerospace, appliance and automotive manufacturers, use perc for vapour degreasing of metal parts during various production stages. Its high boiling point and long cleaning cycle enable difficult 'soils' such as waxes with high melting points to be removed. It is also favoured in many applications for its low vapour pressure and high vapour density, resulting in lower fugitive emissions compared to other choices such as trichloroethylene.

Other applications include the extraction of fats, dissolving rubber, paint removal, sulphur recovery and as a carrier solvent for silicones. Perchloroethylene is used in aerosol formulations for the automotive aftermarket, particularly for brake cleaning, as well as water repellents for garments, spot removers and silicone lubricants. It can be used as an insulating fluid in some electrical transformers as a substitute for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).