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Origin : Dow Chemical 

Packing : 22.68 kgs/ bag



METHOCELâ„¢ F4M is manufactured for the coatings industry.  The methoxyl and hydroxypropoxyl targets may vary from the F4M grade even though the spec ranges are the same.  The PRG grade has been tested to ensure solubility in certain solvent systems.  Prior to using these products interchangeably, we recommend evaluation of the alternative product in a lab batch to determine whether there is impact in a particular formulation.

Typical applications

  • Paint remover
  • crack fillers

Benefit/Property: Rheology modifier with a broad range of viscosities; Solubility in water and selected organic solvents

Use: Thickener and rheology modifier in paint stripper formulations


These properties are typical, but they do not constitute specifications.

Sodium Chloride1.5 Max
Moisture, as packaged5.0 Max
Viscosity, 2% in Water, @ 20 degC3500-5600 cPs
Particle Size, thru 40 U.S. Std Sieve99.0 Min