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Origin : Befar China

Packing : 280 kgs/ drum




Official Shipping Name:Trichloroethylene

UN Number:1710

CAS Number:79-01-6

Synonyms:Tri, tric, trichlor, ethylene trichloride, TCE

Description:Clear, heavy liquid with excellent solvency, having no flash point. Easily recycled, and highly stable in the presence of common chemical stabilizers.

Molecular Weight:131.4

Density:12.11 lb/gal
1.456 gm/cc

Flash Point:NA

Hyper Chem provides TCE's as raw materials for variety of products. It has its use in the dry cleaning as a solvent. Perhaps the greatest use of TCE's is degreasing the metal parts of a machine. More than 80% of TCE's is used as a solvent to remove grease from metal parts as well as used in adhesives, paint removers, typewriter correction fluids, and spot removers. It is also widely used in the manufacturing of range of fluorocarbon refrigents.

The industries requiring trichloroethylene as a solvent are:

  Electroplating Industries for cold cleaning(process used to remove grease, wax and other impurities from metal and other parts) and vapor greasing solvents.
  Integrated Iron and Steel Manufacturing Industries.
  Machinery Manufacture and Repair.
  Pulp and Paper Manufacture for de-inking paper.

Among the properties that have contributed to trichloroethylene’s wide acceptance as a metal cleaner and degreaser are the following:

  High solvency
  Low flammability
  High stability
  Low specific heat
  Low boiling point
  Low latent heat of vaporization

TCE's is used as a solvent in some nonflammable adhesive and aerosol formulations, and as a low temperature heat-transfer medium.

However, it should be strictly noted that trichloroethylene (TCE) is highly dangerous and toxic if swallowed or inhaled and can affect heart, liver, nervous system, and kidneys. It also causes severe skin irritation and irritation to eyes and respiratory tract (MAY CAUSE CANCER).